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La Bohème, 2011. Marianne Fiset, Alexander Dobson. Emily Cooper Photography

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  2. Please briefly mention any special skills you have which could support opera activities, keeping in mind that all backstage activities are covered by a Union/Management Agreement.


  4. Please indicate which volunteer activities you are interested in.

    Inside Opera    President's Circle Events    Programme Handout
    Programme Stuffing    Sense of Occasion
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  5. NOTE: While POV does not have a dress code for volunteers, we would like to remind you that you are, while on volunteer duty, ambassadors of POV for the general public, and as such we ask that you consider your attire for volunteering occasions. Appropriate dress is expected. That might be equivalent to what you would wear to a nice restaurant, or a celebratory night out with family and friends..

  6. Serving it Right    Food Safe

  7. In case of emergency, please notify the following. Please include name, phone number, and relationship.



Volunteering at Pacific Opera Victoria

Overview of Volunteer Opportunities and Activities

If you have any questions, please contact us at 250.382.1641 or send an email to Steve Barker at